Brands Being Social

A (slightly subjective) look at what brands did on social this week.

Target's accounts were chalk full of fun, engaging content this week and if you look closely you can see why. Almost every post was user-generated! Goes to show you that your customers can make the best content for you free of charge!

Subway struggled this week with both copy and creative. While the creative in theory were good ideas, consumers probably wanted to see less 'fake' food and more of those real ingredients Subway boasts about. The copy was also a bit of a question mark because I don't know anyone who would want to find a day old Subway sandwich in their stocking. The New Year's party content was a fun additional to their website and looked like it created a good bit of content to go along with on social. 

Colors and composition of this creative content looks great. Love the diversity and the use of real life hands. Some of the food looks a little blown out but overall the bright colors and atmosphere look great. The short, snippy copys go really well on social.

Starbucks does a wonderful job of making a cohesive look on all their social platforms. It really is incredible the way they can take user generated content and their own in-house content and mix the two to make perfectly curated feeds. Their copy is also part of the magic... Short and simple is always the best way to go.

Panera Bread has been doing a great job of creating lifestyle inspired creative. These bright pieces of creative content look super appealing and live well on their social platforms. 

Delta was a little quiet as far as creative this week but I really loved the video they did on Facebook! It was a nostalgic video which tugged on many peoples heartstrings. Their Instagram post this week was a travel regram by one of my friends actually so that was just super fun for me.

All I can say is this looks like Taco Bell...

Dunkin Donuts is clearly learning that user generated content works. Their DIY video was also a fun touch to Instagram this week.

One piece of creative is great and works really well on social (despite the fact that if you look closely it was shot on a green screen) and the other may not work on social that well. I'll let you decide which is which.

Chick-fil-A had a rough start to the week with a super pixelated stop motion Instagram video and ended with some Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl content on Facebook. 

Home Depot created a few holiday inspired flatlays and a lifestyle video that spoke to Home Depot helping families come together. While these pieces of content were good, I think that their best piece was a partnership with a builder to show people how to build their own children's playhouses. What a fun use of social into tangible creative!

Any other brands stick out to you this week?