It's Not Her Job To Bring Him From Good To Great

2.5 years.

That's how long she spent with a boy who told her that she did not bring him from 'good to great.'

'What does that even mean,' she plead with him.

'If I told you it wouldn't mean as much,' was his response. 

So she tried in which he responded with 'trying is not an excuse.'

But she tried more. She read books. She talked to people. She listened to podcasts. She loved him with abandon.

But he was selfish. He wanted it his way. She didn't fit into his plan perfectly. She didn't bring him from 'good to great.'

So she gave up. She stopped believing that God had purpose in this because every turn of the road she was pushed back into a corner. She was constantly told that the God she believed in didn't have merit and it was only his God that ruled the relationship. Nothing that she said or did was 'great' it was only 'good.'

But thinking about this 'good to great' concept she realized that it wasn't her, it was a character flaw in him. He didn't like who he was and he looked to her to change that perception. Of course, anything she tried and anything anyone else tried was not going to pan out because they were trying to change the perceptions of a man who selfishly wants it only his way. And if it didn't go his way they get pushed back in the corner and they get told that trying isn't an excuse. Either deliver or be pushed out. Either align with the selfish 'God' of a selfish man who only sees what he wants or live in a world for 2.5 years thinking that the God you believed in doesn't exist.

So that's what's happened.

And this is her story.

And maybe one day there won't be an expectation for her to bring more to the relationship than him.

It was never her responsibility to bring him from good to great.