Brands Being Social

A (slightly subjective) look at what brands did on social this week.

Target's accounts were chalk full of fun, engaging content this week and if you look closely you can see why. Almost every post was user-generated! Goes to show you that your customers can make the best content for you free of charge!

Subway struggled this week with both copy and creative. While the creative in theory were good ideas, consumers probably wanted to see less 'fake' food and more of those real ingredients Subway boasts about. The copy was also a bit of a question mark because I don't know anyone who would want to find a day old Subway sandwich in their stocking. The New Year's party content was a fun additional to their website and looked like it created a good bit of content to go along with on social. 

Colors and composition of this creative content looks great. Love the diversity and the use of real life hands. Some of the food looks a little blown out but overall the bright colors and atmosphere look great. The short, snippy copys go really well on social.

Starbucks does a wonderful job of making a cohesive look on all their social platforms. It really is incredible the way they can take user generated content and their own in-house content and mix the two to make perfectly curated feeds. Their copy is also part of the magic... Short and simple is always the best way to go.

Panera Bread has been doing a great job of creating lifestyle inspired creative. These bright pieces of creative content look super appealing and live well on their social platforms. 

Delta was a little quiet as far as creative this week but I really loved the video they did on Facebook! It was a nostalgic video which tugged on many peoples heartstrings. Their Instagram post this week was a travel regram by one of my friends actually so that was just super fun for me.

All I can say is this looks like Taco Bell...

Dunkin Donuts is clearly learning that user generated content works. Their DIY video was also a fun touch to Instagram this week.

One piece of creative is great and works really well on social (despite the fact that if you look closely it was shot on a green screen) and the other may not work on social that well. I'll let you decide which is which.

Chick-fil-A had a rough start to the week with a super pixelated stop motion Instagram video and ended with some Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl content on Facebook. 

Home Depot created a few holiday inspired flatlays and a lifestyle video that spoke to Home Depot helping families come together. While these pieces of content were good, I think that their best piece was a partnership with a builder to show people how to build their own children's playhouses. What a fun use of social into tangible creative!

Any other brands stick out to you this week?


The Social Skinny

The Social Media, PR and Tech worlds are constantly changing meaning everyday there is something new to report. With loads of information released daily, I'm here to try to make it easy for you.

Here's the skinny: For 2017, more people want to quit Social Media than smoking. To those people I say, 'New Year, Same Media.' Snapchat is being sued for misleading their investors while on their way to major IPO. What terrible timing. ANOTHER Snapchat clone is claiming 40-50 million monthly users. If this is true, it is yet ANOTHER devastating blow for Facebook after trying to buy up their competition. Speaking of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg plans to tour and meet people in every state in 2017. What a dreamy New Year's Resolution! Meanwhile, Twitter loses yet another head. This time in China... What's going on Twitter? Wendy's won Twitter this week showing everyone how to deal with a troll. In the same week, McDonald's took a vow of silence. CES happened this week which means tons of new, weird tech. Here are the top 4-trends that are important for communicators to watch for. Lastly, Samsung reportedly will be releasing their Note7 report 'very soon.' Their answers are highly anticipated by all. 

In case that wasn't enough or you feel like you missed something, here is everything that happened this week:


Social Media:

1. Twitter wants to make tweets editable, but it's complicated

2. China Twitter boss leaves after seven months

3. Why Your Brand Doesn't Need Anyone To #Participate In Anything

4. Twitter's controversial head of China is the latest exec to leave the company

5. Twitter's head of China leaves after just 8 months

6. People with old phones can no longer use WhatsApp

7. How to permanently delete your Facebook account

8. Snapchat, Headed To Major IPO, May See Twitter In The Mirror

9. Snake emerging from woman's car mid-drive is the stuff of nightmares

10. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg takes up challenge to tour US

11. Snow, the Asian Snapchat clone Facebook tried to buy, claims 40-50M monthly users

12. Wendy's Owned A Twitter Troll So Hard They Deactivated Their Account

13. Wendy's Twitter account still has (fresh, never frozen) beef with the world

14. This Mannequin Challenge expertly shows the need for a Parkinson's cure

15. NFL live streaming went 'incredibly well' for Twitter but there's still no word on next season

16. More People Want To Quit Social Media Than Smoking In 2017

17. Curious about what Facebook thinks is in your photos? This extension shows you. 

18. Ev Williams says online advertising is a broken business—what's that mean for Twitter?

19. Vine app will shut down and become Vine Camera on January 17th

20. Twitter adds PGA to roster of sports live streams

21. Here's What The White House Will Do With Everything Obama Tweeted

22. Former Snapchat Employee Alleges Company Inflated Growth Metrics

23. The gruesome Facebook Live that turned into a misleading, racist hashtag

24. Instagram adds Live Photo-to-Boomerang, wider colors for iPhone 7s

25. Yale student turns 5-day mumps quarantine into the best Snapchat story ever

26. Ed Sheeran's new song is hiding in a Snapchat lens

27. India sure loves WhatsApp: 14 billion messages sent on New Year's Eve

28. The amount of data Facebook detects in a single photo upload is terrifying

29. Telling Facebook you've changed your phone number—the weird T&Cs you've unwittingly signed up to

30. The real estate agents selling $6 million NYC apartments via Snapchat

31. Facebook Hires Campbell Brown to Lead News Partnerships Team

32. Facebook Hires Former Television Journalist To Lead News Partnerships

33. As Facebook and Twitter stumble on measurement, Snapchat scores brownie points

34. These simple badges are helping social media users talk about mental illness

35. Snapchat Just Got Sued At A Very Unfortunate Time

36. WikiLeaks Proposes Creating A Database Of Verified Twitter Users


Public Relations: 

1. McDonald's Takes Vow of Silence After Vatican Location Opens

2. Walmart reaches employees worldwide through Facebook Live

3. Wendy's shows how to handle beef with Twitter troll

4. 4 PR-Related Trends to Watch at CES 2017

5. How to Approach SEO as Google Moves to a Mobile-First Index

6. The Interplay Between Social Media and Humor in the Obama Years

7. Macy's to cut 10,000 jobs as store closures continue



1. 2017: The year you'll never have to talk to anyone again

2. The Year Of Bots Behaving Badly

3. Lenovo unveils Google Glass clone for businesses

4. Volvo wants you to never miss a meeting again. Thanks so much really

5. Julian Assange goes on Fox News to reiterate that Russia did not leak emails to Wikileaks

6. Google's Latest Push To Capture The Indian Market Will Put offline Businesses On The Internet

7. Google plans to get India's 51 million SMBs online with 'Digital Unlocked'

8. Leave Your Laptops at the Door to My Classroom

9. iOS update coming January 10 might include a mode for texting during movies

10. Medium says it can't make money selling ads so it's laying off a third of its staff

11. Hulu adds another major partner for its live TV service

12. In news no one understands, Netflix just rolled out a feature like it's 1998

13. 'Hi From the Other Side' app brings together Trump and Clinton voters who want to talk

14. The Department Of Labor Is Suing Google Over Equal Employment

15. Samsung's Note7 report is coming 'very soon,' executives say

16. Uber Sent A Creepy Email To NY Riders Ahead Of City Hearing

17. ZTE is kickstarting an eye-tracking smartphone called 'Hawkeye'

18. Augmented reality app from IBM and NY Times tries to make history fun

19. Uber drivers deemed to be employees by Swiss insurance provider

20. Apple Sets New App Store Record With $3 Billion In December Sales

21. T-Mobile wants to pay you for unused data

22. Sen. Tom Cotton Slams Apple Over China Censorship And FBI Dispute

23. Pope Francis and Mark Zuckerberg use the same simple trick to protect themselves from hackers

24. Yahoo accidentally tweeted a racist slur and Twitter is dragging them

25. What Note7 Recall? Samsung's Profits Are The Best They've Been In Years

26. Hackers Tried To Break Into DNC Computers Right Before New Year's Eve


Anything to add?

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